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Welcome To Owyhee Dam, Rental Cabins, Campgrounds, & Day Use Park

Welcome to the Oywhee Dam Cabins, Campgrounds and Park, located just below the Owyhee Dam on the Owyhee River. We have two historical buildings built in 1928 that have been renovated for guests, a small 6 site campground, and a day use park (McGinnis Park) here at the Owyhee Dam. 

The Owyhee Dam and area below the dam, including our campground, McGinnis Park (Day use only), Cabins, Museum, and the rest of the facilities, as of 2015 is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places. With this historical register comes a great responsibility to maintain historical integrity. We as a whole, employees, cabin guests, campers, museum visitors, and day-use visitors are responsible for keeping this historical site a beautiful place to visit. Please help us preserve our Historical Site for future generations to come!


Come Join us here at the Owyhee Dam and take a step back in time.

During the spring run-off, we get to enjoy a historical engineering marvel at work, when Mother Nature allows us to spill water through our Morning Glory Ring Gate. Our ring gate spillway at Owyhee Dam was the first ever built. 

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