What is my allotment? How much do I get? How is it determined?

Your annual allotment refers to the amount of water you will receive for a given water season. In a typical year, when the water is available, you will receive 4-acre-feet per acre. The Board of Directors and the Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project meet once a month to discuss the water forecast and determine, based on the weather conditions, snowpack, runoff, and reservoir storage, how much water would be feasible to allocate to our growers for the current season. Please note: Water users do not pay for irrigation water. Water allotment can and will fluctuate each year. The law articulates that all water within Oregon belongs to the people of the state (ORS 537.110) and water users only have a right to this commodity if there is a beneficial use (ORS 537.120); one example of that is defined as the irrigation of crops. For the current water rights to stay valid and not be canceled or removed, irrigation water must be put to beneficial use on all acres with existing water rights within a five (5) year period, or they may be subject to forfeit (ORS 540.610). A copy of our Beneficial Use and Confiscation Procedures and Policies has been attached below.

At the end of each month during the water season, our office will send by mail a Water Usage Statement that tells you what your remaining allotment was at the end of the previous month. We also encourage you to sign up for our Customer Information Portal. This online site is updated more often to assist you with tracking your current usage and remaining allotment.

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Listed below is some basic information on how water usage is calculated and tracked:

20 inches = 1 foot of water

4 feet of water = 1 irrigated acre in a 24 hour period

Attached are some printable water cards that can be used to determine gallons and inches when dealing with different sized weirs.

In difficult drought years, Management and the Board of Directors have agreed to allow Temporary Water Allotment Transfers. You are allowed to transfer water allotment from one parcel of property to another, as long as the criteria are met. A few stipulations being: the ground must be owned or rented/leased with a preexisting agreement, the transfer cannot exceed one ditch ride. Attached below is the specifications and form to submit. Please read the instructions carefully before applying. Please include a copy of your rental/lease agreement with your application. All applications must be submitted before June 15. After this date, the district will no longer be accepting requests. In normal years when the full allocation of 4-acre-feet per acre is allotted, these transfers will not be accepted.