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Check out the 2024 Newsletter below!

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Owyhee River Flow Updates:

  • As of 5/1/24 flows are running at 2,800 CFS

2024 Irrigation Season began on April 1st 2024

  • Remember that the assessment must be paid and those who file RRAs must have them signed BEFORE water is delivered

2024 Allotment:

  • The allotment has been set at 4 Acre-Feet per Acre

2024 O&M Assessment Rates:

  • $77.50 per acre
  • Small Agreage Fee = $85.00 service fee for any parcel 5 acres or less.


Next Board Meeting

  • A meeting of the Joint Board of Directors will be held on June 18th, 2024 at 7:00pm at the district office located at 422 Thunderegg Blvd. Nyssa, Oregon 97913.  A meeting of the Owyhee Irrigation District Board of Directors will follow.  
  • If you wish to attend by telephone, please call our office by 3 p.m. the day before the meeting to get a call-in number.


Board Member Reorganization - 01.2024

  • No changes to the OID Board Members or structure this year.
  • Joint Board - New VP Chris Landa
  • See Board Member Page for full details: Board Member Details


"Outage Alert" notification list

We have set up a notification process so you can be aware as soon as possible if water delivery has to be interrupted due to major canal breaks, pumping plant malfunctions, or other unexpected interruptions.  If you would like to sign up to be on the "Outage Alert" notification list;


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  • We have begun posting updates when the Owyhee Dam is changing the amount of flow being released into the Owyhee River based on Irrigation Water orders.  Interested in being notified about these changes & more?  Click the links below to access our pages & follow us.


 Gopher Bounty Program

  • Each year we pay YOU to catch gophers within the jurisdiction of Owyhee Irrigation District to help reduce gopher holes that can severely damage the canals & ditches causing damage to surrounding lands as well as possibly inhibit water delivery.  
  • Contact the office today for details


Water Usage Reports

  • As of 2023 the District will NOT be mailing out the monthly water usage statements.
  • Water users will need to view water usage details through the Customer Portal or contact the office for assistance and/or an alternative option to view water usage data.
  • Click the link below to access your Customer Portal!

Owyhee Irrigation District Customer Portal

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