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About Us

The Owyhee Irrigation District is a quasi-government organization, that lies west of the Snake River in Malheur County, Oregon, whose primary purpose is to supply irrigation water to over 167,000 acres of land in eastern Oregon including Adrian, Nyssa, and Ontario, Oregon. The key features of the project are the Owyhee Dam, the Dunaway Pumping Station on the Snake River about 11 miles southwest of Adrian, Oregon, and the Dead Ox Pumping Station outside of Ontario, Oregon heading towards Weiser, Idaho, both of which act as a diversion structure. Project works also include over 5 miles of canals, pipelines, laterals and drains. 2 pumping plants, and 3 hydro-electric facilities. In 2008 the valley celebrated the 75th anniversary of the dedication of the Owyhee Dam.


Water User Handbook

Water User's Handbook.pdf

The Water User's Handbook is intended to inform the Water Users in the Owyhee Irrigation District of the District’s regulations and operating procedures.

We have included some general information which we hope will be useful. It is not the District’s intention to answer every question in this handbook and we hope that our water users, if they need clarification of issues raised in the handbook or issues which are not included, will feel free to contact the District office at 541-372-3540.

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