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Quagga Mussel Information

In October of 2023 on the Snake River as it passes through Gooding County Idaho quagga mussels had their first detection in the Columbia River system. This incident hits a bit too close to home for our little corner of the world. The Owyhee River System is unfortunately a habitat that would be conducive to an invasion of this species. This would be devastating to the irrigation of quality crop production lands served by the Owyhee Project and the power production facilities operated by OID. Not to mention all the other recreation activities and economies that are reliant on the Owyhee River System. It behooves us all to be diligent in our prevention efforts.

We have provided some links for more information on this invasive species and how each of us can do our part to prevent an invasion of our beloved Owyhee River System. 

Thanks in advance for your diligence! 

Clancy Flynn, GM 


Website Links for more information about the Quagga Mussel Invasive Species Control Efforts

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