Aquatic Chemical Applications

The Owyhee Irrigation District's intent is to use regulated herbicides for aquatic vegetation control during the 2022 season. Regulated herbicides to be used are Magnacide H Acrolein, Xylene Range aromatic solvent. These products will be utilized on an as-needed basis to resolve flow restriction and water quality issues. Persons receiving District waters may request that their water deliveries during an application of regulated herbicides stop for the treatment duration by completing a district notification form.

We will give notice in advance to those who complete and submit a request form to stop deliveries. The Lock & Close Program Request Form is downloadable.

This year we will be using the AlertSense notification system for aquatic herbicide applications made to the canals and laterals. This alert system will contact the user by email, landline, text, and cell phone. The Notification list is updated each year. Our hope is that this will keep our patrons better informed and provide documentation for our records.

If you wish to participate a Lock & Close Program Request Form must be completed. This form must be returned to the District Office by April 8, 2022, if you do not want these chemicals to enter your head gate. For more information, please contact the district office, your ditch rider or the environmental coordinator.

Owyhee Irrigation District office - 541 372-3540. Environmental Coordinator, Brule Lehman, Office (541) 372-3540 ext 106, Cell (208) 230-0549