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News Letter - 2023 Edition


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Current reservoir storage is 114,211 acre-feet or 16% full. Slightly less compared to last year when storage was 138,928 acre-feet or about 20% full. Snowpack is holding better than last year, and total precipitation remains higher than average. We will need a few more storms and a fast spring melt to ensure a productive run into the reservoir. Similar historical storage years for 23 January were: 1992 & 2015. While those comparison years were not ideal outcomes, things are much different currently in the watershed than those years at this point in the year. Please continue to pray and be hopeful!


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Staff continues diligently repairing and upgrading District infrastructure. A few projects we’re working on this off-season are continued concrete repairs to Ring Gate or Glory Hole, boat ramp repairs,       Arabian pipeline, severa smaller pipelines, and two more canal automation sites.

The District plans to pipe the first section of the Kingman Lateral within the next few years. The District has secured Federal funding for the project and is seeking to secure state funds to fully fund the project.

Work on the PL 566 Watershed plan continues its slow march to completion. The District   received a completed System Improvement Plan (SIP) in 2022. The next phase will kick off when an award has been made by the District for a firm to  complete the Watershed Plan itself later this year. This       portion of the process will take several years but upon its   completion the District will be able to start receiving construction funds.


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