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The allotment has not yet been set for the 2022 water season. There will be no Annual Water Users Meeting this year. For more information, please check our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.

The Owyhee Irrigation District Board of Directors has set the incurred O&M charges for the 2022 season at $70.00 per irrigated acre. The fee breakdown is as follows: $1.50 per irrigated acre for a special assessment going towards the repairs on the Malheur Siphon and $68.50 per irrigated acre for the standard, annual Operation and Maintenance fee; this is a $1.00 increase from last year. Those who own 5 acres or less will be assessed a charge of $75.00 for account fees plus the $70.00 per irrigable acre.


In order NOT to incur interest charges, the water bill must be paid on or before April 15. Payments received in the mail with an April 15th postage date WILL BE CONSIDERED DELINQUENT IF RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 15TH.

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