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Our office is located at 17 South First Street in Nyssa, Oregon. Our summer hours will be 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM and closed at noon for lunch. Please call (541) 372-3540 if you have any questions. 

2015 Water Assessment

    The allotment has been set at 1.5 acre feet per acre for the 2015 water season.

    The Owyhee Irrigation district board of directors have set the incurred O&M charges for the 2015 season as $56.50 per irrigable acre. This will be a $0.70 increase from last year. Those owners who have less than 5 acres will be assessed a charge of $75.00 for account fees plus the $56.50 per irrigable acre.



    In order NOT to incur interest charges, the water bill must be paid on or before April 15. Payments received in the mail with an April 15th postage date WILL BE CONSIDERED DELINQUENT IF RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 15TH.

RRA Forms

    Just a reminder that if you own and/or lease 240 irrigable acres or more in the 17 Western states, you are required to complete a Federal RRA form. Water CANNOT be delivered until these forms are completed. 

If you are a new owner or a renter leasing 240 acres and you need more information please call the District Office. 

Aquatic Chemicals 

   If you have been in the District Chemical Lock and Close Program in the past, the District will be sending new instructions and information that water users will need in order to make an informed decision on the best way to manage your operation. You must contact the District Office in writing by April 17, 2015 if you do not want these chemicals to enter your head gate or if you would like more information. 

2015 Gopher Bounty Program

    There will be a Gopher Bounty Program this year. The District will pay $1.00 per tail. Gophers must be caught within the jurisdiction of the Owyhee Irrigation District. LANDOWNERS are the ONLY authorized participants. Designated days for turning in gopher tails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between the times of 8:00 A.M. and 8:30 A.M. Rotting tails will NOT be accepted. The tails will be counted and verified. A check will be issued to you the following month.

Customer Information Portal

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To Water Users of the Owyhee Irrigation District

    The Board of Directors for the Owyhee Irrigation District usually meet the third Tuesday, following the first Monday, of each month, although, that can change depending on Management, The Joint Committee, and The Board of Directors. Check here and our Facebook page for date and time information.

 This meeting is open to the public and we encourage water users to attend. If you would like to speak at the meeting please contact the office: 
(541) 372-3540 so we can put you on the agenda.

Please contact the main office if you have questions regarding the monthly meeting. 

A meeting of the Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project will be held at the law office of Stunz, Fonda, Kiyuna, Horton, LLP located at 106 Main Street Nyssa, Oregon 97913 on Tuesday June 23, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. A meeting of the Owyhee Irrigation District will follow. 

It is anticipated that these principal subjects will be considered:

Joint Agenda:

  1. Brian Richins 2014 Audit
  2. SELP
  3. Operation of Owyhee Dam Hydro
  4. Update on BOR Over Site and Water Usage
  5. Boat Ramp Meeting    

OID Agenda:

  1. Drought Effect on the Pumping Plants    
  2. Sage Farms  
  3. Water Transfers
  4. SDAO Traning September 14th for Board Members in Baker City
  5. September 10th Tour OWRD/OWRC
  6. Michael and Toni Franks Delinquent Account

Board Members:

Chairman - Jerry Nagaki

Vice Chairman - Dan Tschida

Secretary - Eric White

Frank Ausman

Bruce Corn 



The Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project and Board of Directors have decided to increase the allotment to 1.6 AF per acre. 


A meeting of the Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project will be held at the law office of Stunz, Fonda, Kiyuna, Horton, LLP located at 106 Main Street Nyssa, Oregon 97913 on Wednesday June 10, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.

It is anticipated that the following principal subjects will be considered:

1. Review of reservoir storage

2. Allotment issues

3. Other


The turn on date for the Owyhee Irrigation District and the Old Owyhee Improvement District has been set for Monday April 20, 2015. And the allotment has been increased to 1.5 acre feet per acre.


Dunaway Pumping Station is still set to start today. The Dead Ox Pumping Plant has been held off until Monday April 13, 2015. No date has been set as to when water delivery will begin from the Owyhee Reservoir. Both boards will meet again on Monday April 13, 2015 to discuss again the turn on date for stored water. Allotment has not been changed, it remains at 1.4 acre feet per acre. 


The allotment has been set for the 2015 season at 1.4 acre feet per acre. Management and Directors predict this will not change. 

The Board of Directors of the Owyhee Irrigation District, the Joint Committee of the Owyhee Project, and the Old Owyhee Improvement District met this afternoon and have tentatively set the starting date for the Dunaway Pumping Station, which delivers water to the Ontario-Nyssa pumping area, also known as, the Shoe String Canal, as April 6, 2015. Dead Ox Pumping Plant will tentatively start on April 8, 2015. There has been no official date set to release water from the Owyhee Reservoir. The Joint Committee and Board of Directors will meet again on April 6, 2015 to discuss this further. 

Water Outlook Report 2015

    Here we go once again, we are unable to break this dry cycle that seems to keep plaguing us.
    Current reservoir storage is 158,249 AF which is 43,678 AF more than last year at this time. We started the 2015 water year with autumn rains and snow from late December 2014, with our peak inflow of 7,000 cfs in late December and warmer temperatures through most of January.
    Our snowpack was depleted early in February. Spring runoff was a couple months earlier than normal and time is running short for fill from the watershed. Spring storms would be very welcome prior to the start of the water season.

Reservoir water levels and Hydromet data can be found here: http://www.usbr.gov/pn/hydromet/owytea.html

Real time snowpack telemetry sites can be viewed in Google Maps and on Google Earth -  SNOTEL: http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snow/

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