Customer Information Portal


Due to a problem with our web hosting service, our previous website data is gone. Those who created accounts to access the Customer Information Portal will have to do so again. We are still in the process of reestablishing the site, but I will continue to post updates on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. We will also be sending an email to everyone who already had accounts to let them know the situation and provide links to the new site once it’s up and running. We sincerely for the inconvenience this interruption of services has caused as well as the time it is taking us to correct the issue. The problem was more in-depth than we initially realized. It is taking longer than anticipated because we now must recreate the website completely. This project isn't something we can do ourselves, and we are relying on an outside company that has experience in software services. However, this will take some time. We are doing our best to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible. We are also discussing solutions, so something like this doesn't happen again. We realize this is a valuable resource to our patrons and we strive to have helpful, easily accessible information available to you. We plan to learn from this and use that knowledge to provide better service to you in the future. 

The Customer Information Portal, or CIP, is an online way for you to access some features of your account. You will be able to look at past billing information, as well as, current water usage and orders placed with your ditch rider. To use this feature you will need to create an account, the link to do so is above. Fill in your name, pick a username, and create a password and security question. Please write these down and keep in a secure place, as we, nor our service provider, will know what your username, password, and security question will be. Also, please provide us with contact information, such as phone and email, so we can contact you if you have any questions regarding your account. The comment section is available for you to supply us with additional information, as well as, your account numbers if you know them. This helps us speed the process along, as we will have to manually activate your CIP and attach each water account to your CIP account so that you can view the information.

This information will be updated every weekday.